Introducing LUQU’s Food Feeder, the innovative solution for introducing solids to your baby safely and with ease. Our food feeder is designed to make the transition to solid foods a joyful and mess-free experience. With a soft, silicone pouch that securely holds small pieces of fruit or vegetables, it allows your baby to explore new flavors while preventing choking hazards. The ergonomic handle is easy for tiny hands to grasp, promoting self-feeding skills. LUQU’s Food Feeder is not only convenient but also encourages healthy eating habits from the start. Trust LUQU for a reliable and thoughtful feeding tool that fosters independence and nourishes your baby’s curiosity.

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Luqu food feeder silicone with spoon

A spoonful of multi-purpose nutrition balance, easy feeding rice paste, vegetable mud, fruit mud, etc., to solve your feeding problem.