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We love what we do

In the heart of our kids’ haven, magic comes to life, making every day an adventure to remember.

Our working process

In a land where dreams come to life, a grand adventure was about to begin.


About our online store

we’re home to everything you need for a happy and healthy child. From early pregnancy right up until your little one skips off to kindergarten, Luqu, offers award-winning favourites to get you through every tricky stage of parenting.
From nesting to feeding, teething, drinking and playing, Luqu have got you covered. Our money-saving bundles are every parent’s favourite and our wide range of fun and educational baby and toddler toys are specially designed to promote brain development, mobility and encourage imaginative play.
With essentials for both home and on-the-go, you can ensure your little one is entertained, soothed and settled wherever they are.

About Us

We are a International company that manufactures safe and well-designed, quality products for babies and parents worldwide. We are passionate about simplifying everyday life, nurturing closeness and helping families with young children enjoy each precious moment.

Safety First

Since we make products for babies and toddlers, safety is our top priority. It’s always the starting point when we develop new products or improve existing ones. With many years of experience and an ambition to go above and beyond existing safety standards, we want to be able to offer products that parents can use with complete confidence.