These Writer Terms (“Terms”) govern the relationship between Al Tawazi Al Aalamiyah Trading Est (“Luqu Baby,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) and the writer (“Writer,” “you,” or “your”) providing written content for Luqu Baby.

1. Engagement

1.1 Scope: You, as the Writer, agree to create written content for Luqu Baby, which may include articles, blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, or any other written material as agreed upon.

1.2 Assignment: Luqu Baby will provide you with specific writing assignments, deadlines, and guidelines for each project. You agree to deliver the content in accordance with these instructions.

2. Compensation

2.1 Payment: The compensation for your writing services will be agreed upon for each individual assignment. Payment terms and rates will be communicated to you in writing before the commencement of each project.

2.2 Invoicing: You are responsible for submitting accurate invoices to Luqu Baby, including all necessary details, such as your name, contact information, invoice number, and payment instructions. Invoices should be submitted promptly after the completion of each project.

3. Ownership and Rights

3.1 Ownership: Luqu Baby retains full ownership and copyright of all content created by you for Luqu Baby, and you agree not to claim any rights to the content.

3.2 Usage: Luqu Baby has the exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, and display the content in any medium, including but not limited to our website, social media, and marketing materials.

4. Confidentiality

4.1 Confidentiality Agreement: You agree to keep confidential all information provided by Luqu Baby, including but not limited to project details, business strategies, and any other proprietary information.

5. Revisions and Feedback

5.1 Revisions: Luqu Baby may request revisions to the content you provide. You agree to make reasonable efforts to accommodate these requests and ensure the content meets Luqu Baby’s standards.

5.2 Feedback: Luqu Baby may provide feedback on your work. We appreciate your willingness to consider and incorporate this feedback to improve the quality of your writing.

6. Termination

6.1 Termination by Either Party: Either Luqu Baby or the Writer may terminate this arrangement at any time, with or without cause, by providing written notice to the other party.

6.2 Payment Upon Termination: If Luqu Baby terminates the engagement without cause, you will be compensated for any completed work to date, subject to the terms previously agreed upon.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 Independent Contractor: You acknowledge and agree that you are an independent contractor and not an employee of Luqu Baby. You are solely responsible for your own taxes, insurance, and other legal obligations.

7.2 Entire Agreement: These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Luqu Baby regarding your writing services and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings.

8. Contact Information

For any inquiries or communications related to these Writer Terms, please contact us at:

Al Tawazi Al Aalamiyah Trading Est Khalid bin waleed st, Jeddah-23216 Phone: 00966560688365 Email: [email protected]

By providing your writing services to Luqu Baby, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these Writer Terms.